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Töwerek Economic Society offers

The Töwerek Economic Society offers Trend paints.

The Töwerek Economic Society was established in 2005. Based on the experience gained over 15 years in the production of construction materials, Töwerek produces Trend interior and exterior wall paints. The production of these products is based on advanced German technologies. The quality of paints meets all European standards. According to the results of laboratory studies, environmentally friendly Trend paints are durable and do not pose threat to human health.

Trend paints has gained popularity for the quality approach as well as advanced and modern technological solutions. Sustainability in the manufacturing process is strengthened by the international experience of young and highly qualified specialists.

Our paints are in great demand in the domestic market of Turkmenistan. Currently, we are implementing a number of projects to promote the Trend trademark abroad. Regional market research has shown that our products stand out for high quality and affordability. In the nearest future, we plan to establish export of Trend products contribute to the development of the economic potential of our country.

We aim at further diversification of production line and improving quality by establishing cooperation with the world's leading paint manufacturers.

Our company

Established in 2005, TÖWEREK Economic Society is a leader in various areas of business. Our company is engaged in the paint production, real estate and insurance services, oil and gas products and services for production facilities, carpet production and other activities in the local and international market. TÖWEREK implements a strategy of maintaining the highest production standards through cooperation with highly qualified specialists.

Our company is a shareholder of Abadan Haly OJSC, the largest carpet manufacturing plant in Turkmenistan.

In all areas of our business, we remain committed to business ethics and business integrity.

Achieving high standards in the manufacturing and services sector is directly related to the implementation of the right strategies and projects in close cooperation with our local and international partners.


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